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Are you thinking of traveling abroad to a Schengen country and is required to get a travel policy? 

With the rising medical cost, you are thinking of investing in your family’s healthcare future needs but have no idea from which provider to get it from?

Or your brand new car is mortgaged and the bank requires a comprehensive motor policy and you have no idea on how to get one?

Do you often wonder how much it will cost you if you get sick while travelling abroad?

You want to ensure that your family is taken care of when you die but you don’t know how to it?


As the saying goes, everybody and everything needs protection.  So how do you go about it? 

Using a systematic process, A.V. Ocampo | ATR KimEng INSURANCE BROKERS, INC’s technical personnel and risk advisors can help clients identify risks, guide them in sound risk assessment techniques, and recommend appropriate risk control and risk financing schemes. The broker’s risk management expertise can also support its clients in risk management education and brief orientation for the following:



To help you safeguard your family’s financial well-being in case of death of the principal assured. Different plans are available according to the needs of the client.




This provides security for the assured and/or his family members against accidents 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.




This is a comprehensive insurance package that safeguards your home and business from loss or damage brought about by fire and other allied perils.




Motorists face many risks. It is comforting to know that one has a buddy on the road to rely on for protection. Motorcar insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage in times of accidents, such as Own Damage & Theft, Compulsory Third Party Liability, VTPL (Bodily Injury & Property Damage), Acts of God and Auto Personal Accident.




As an HR Practitioner, you are always after improving your Employee Benefits at the least cost possible.  Various programs that focus on LIFE & HEATHCARE can be created specifically for this.



This protects against loss or damage in relation to the contract works, construction plant and equipment and/or construction machinery, electronic equipment and computers.


Other Lines of Insurance


Risk Assessment/Services