Our New Company


A.V. Ocampo I ATR KimEng Insurance Broker, Inc exists as a dynamic intermediary to the growing public’s demand for insurance protection and security against life’s risks by providing excellent services and custom-fit solutions at competitive rates.



A.V. Ocampo I ATR KimEng Insurance Broker, Inc aims to pave the way for the full entry of our global partners in 2012 by generating and institutionalizing House Accounts that we can secure from them and translate to full revenue. 



1. Lorenzo T. Roxas, Chairman

2. Rafael Ramon T. Ocampo, President and Chief Executive Officer

3. Margarita O. Recto, Treasurer

4. Millette T. Ocampo, Director

5. Manuel N. Tordesillas, Director

6. Maria Lourdes Kristen S. Quintos, Director

7. Atty Johnny Aruego, Jr., Corporate Secretary